Major accomplishment!


Today I accomplished an important goal that has been hanging over my head for awhile now. Last year I bought a Jackson Pollock puzzle at Barnes & Noble. It was the first puzzle I have ever done that nearly defeated me. I actually gave up on it for most of the spring semester, but with the advent of summer, I thought I’d give it another go. Today, I finished it.

I actually had to approach it in different ways. At first, I organized all of the pieces by shape, so that I could place them more easily, but one of the neighborhood stray cats jumped up onto the table and knocked them all over the floor. Next, I tackled the pieces by color, which worked somewhat. I finally found success by taking each piece and finding it on the box art, then placing it in its corresponding spot on the table. As more pieces got filled in, I was able to begin to work on it normally, by shape and color.

Anyway, I thought the finished puzzle would be a good start to this blog. This is a major hurdle in the way of my dissertation writing (ha ha) that is out of the way. Now I have more time for video games!


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