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If Lance Armstrong can give up, so can I

Not many of you know this, but I am a tax delinquent. In 2010, I did not pay my taxes. The IRS caught me, and BOOM! I have to pay my taxes including interest in fees.

Only, I did file. I e-filed, and the IRS (apparently) rejected my e-file. I was never notified. I now owe $150 in fees and interest.

What is funny to me is that the e-file I sent the IRS was good enough both for the State of Louisiana to base their taxes upon and FAFSA, a federal government agency, to disburse my student loans.

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Bureaucracy in Action II

For those of you who do not know, I recently accepted an assistantship at the LSU School of Music to be their IT Specialist. It has been a really good experience, and I am learning a lot about enterprise IT and what it entails. Some may argue that enterprise IT requires a lot more than 20 hrs. a week and should be a full-time job. I won’t argue with that, but I am very happy with the experience and it is great for me.
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Bureaucracy in Action

Having served in the Army for 8 years, as well as having been in college for 14+ years, I am no stranger to bureaucracy. I could tell you some great stories about the ineptitude of bureaucratic institution, and the difficulties in an individual dealing with “the man.” Instead, why not make it an ongoing blog topic?

So today I went to talk to various people (well entrenched in a bureaucratic hierarchy) about my financial situation at LSU. This is my fifth year at LSU, and I have been paying for school with a teaching assistantship the last four years, but am no longer under contract.  I was originally going to sign up as a full-time Continue reading

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