If Lance Armstrong can give up, so can I

Not many of you know this, but I am a tax delinquent. In 2010, I did not pay my taxes. The IRS caught me, and BOOM! I have to pay my taxes including interest in fees.

Only, I did file. I e-filed, and the IRS (apparently) rejected my e-file. I was never notified. I now owe $150 in fees and interest.

What is funny to me is that the e-file I sent the IRS was good enough both for the State of Louisiana to base their taxes upon and FAFSA, a federal government agency, to disburse my student loans.

The following is a letter I sent along with the payment. While I am not expecting a response, it sure felt good to write. I thought I would share it:

To whom it may concern,

I am including this message to the IRS because in no way do I feel that I am guilty of failing to file.

In April of 2011, I e-filed my taxes through a company named Discount Tax Return Service, LLC. This company was accessed through the website www.irs.gov. From their website, I filled out my tax return and sent it to the IRS. I even received a confirmation that it was sent to the IRS.

I do not know why the e-file was rejected. All of my information was correct and accurate. If the government rejected my filing, I feel it is their responsibility to notify me. If the filing system was problematic, how is that my fault? I did everything as accurately as I could possibly do it.

I will agree to pay the fine for failure to pay. I never submitted a check to the government, because I had asked for a Direct Deposit to be made. I should have monitored my bank account more closely to see if a withdrawal had been made.

I am paying the rest of the amount because it is not worth the effort of fighting the government. This is a battle I cannot win, and the IRS personnel I have talked to ensured me that I would not win.

Enjoy the $120 you have taken from me. Hopefully it can be directed toward Veterans Affairs or maybe to alleviate the non-payments from mega corporations who avoided paying their taxes.


Jonathan Corey Knoll



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2 responses to “If Lance Armstrong can give up, so can I

  1. Wendy

    You always have such a great way with words.

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