Jackie Evancho arrangement

I recently completed an arrangement of Vincent (Starry Starry Night) for singer Jackie Evancho. This is the premier performance of the work, played by the San Francisco Symphony. Unfortunately, the recording is from someone’s cell phone, so the quality is not the best. There are some really nice moments in the work, but there are a few little things that maybe I could have tightened up as well. The piece is a little strange anyway, the way some of the accompaniment lines up with the melody seems slightly skewed. The song is originally by Don McLean, but my arrangement leans a little more toward the Josh Groban arrangement (I was asked to use the Groban as inspiration). Anyway, hope you all enjoy it!




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4 responses to “Jackie Evancho arrangement

  1. Wendy

    Wow! That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel Yurkovich

    I got goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes… beautiful!

  3. Ken

    I just don’t think it could get any better! The voice of this amazing child evokes such emotional response that it is hard to explain! I find myself listening to her over and over again!

  4. Steve Fischer

    Awesome arrangement! This is my new favorite song from my all-time favorite singer.

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