WordPress and Musicians

As a musician and composer, I am used to playing second fiddle to video. People rely on their eyes to digest information, mainly due to television and other modern digital media. People use their ears to listen to music, but few people actively listen, preferring music that is simple and transparent. I understand this, and know that it is a product of our times.

However, it irks me that WordPress forces me to pay to add audio content to my website. When I tried to upload mp3s of my music onto my Music page, I was informed that in order to upload audio media, I must pay for extra space. Extra space!!! What does that have to do with what files I download onto my website? What they are essentially saying is that it is essential for photographers to place their pictures on the web, but composers, sorry. Pay us and we’ll let you do what you want. What a load of garbage. I promise you that I spent a whole hell of a lot more time writing a single piece than most photographers spend snapping a couple of pictures. I receive no payment. Half of the time I can’t even get a performance to put an audio file up anyway.

Thanks WordPress, for making me a second-class artist. As if we as musicians didn’t have enough problems already with a sagging economy, shrinking job market, and overall apathy to our music by the mass markets.

You know what? Screw you WordPress. Here is a download for an mp3 of my latest work. It is a work for string orchestra titled Darkish Knob. If you want to download it: Click Here. Unlike WordPress, Dropbox doesn’t discriminate.



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2 responses to “WordPress and Musicians

  1. Mom

    Good point Corey. I have to agree with you about WordPress. I listened to Darkish Knob again and its still very moving every time I hear it. You have got to get this piece out there.

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