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Musicians Abroad

Good news! My friends and I were accepted to perform in Linz, Austria at the International Tuba/Euphonium Conference (ITEC) 2012. We are going to compose a new work for two tubas and laptops. Nick Hwang and I will be writing the work and performing on laptops; Andy Larson and Sergio Carolino will be performing on tubas.

While playing in Austria will be awesome, we would also like to hit the road (or more accurately the railways) and show off some of the cool stuff we’ve been doing the last couple of years together. The goal is to play in different venues across northern Europe on a mini tour, culminating with the performance with Sergio in Linz.

If you want to learn more, feel free to visit our wordpress blog or our kickstarter page. We can’t do this on our own, so the more help we can get the better. Please consider donating. Every little bit helps.


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Lines in the Sand

The history of composition is riddled with battles. It is what breathed life into music. If Monteverdi hadn’t written new music, conservatives wouldn’t have had anything to bash. For every Brahms, there is a Wagner. For every Mozart, a Salieri.

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WordPress and Musicians

As a musician and composer, I am used to playing second fiddle to video. People rely on their eyes to digest information, mainly due to television and other modern digital media. People use their ears to listen to music, but few people actively listen, preferring music that is simple and transparent. I understand this, and know that it is a product of our times.

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